In TWHP Episode #90 (6/28/19) Niko shared a theory about Rey’s parentage suggested by his colleague Todd. As described by Niko:

“[Todd is] saying that Rey is the daughter of none other than Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru…and that somehow Palpatine’s laugh in the teaser trailer justified the fact that [Owen and Beru] had another child, a child that wasn’t Luke, and I can’t make sense of it…”

Interesting theory, Todd. However there is a reason Niko can’t make sense of it. Because it doesn’t make sense.

In the discussion that followed, Dave described the timeline problem well. In summary: The events of A New Hope take place approximately 30 years prior the events of The Force Awakens. Owen and Beru were killed by Stormtroopers in ANH; when we meet Rey on Jakku in TFA, she is approximately 19 years old. So, unless there is some unseen genetic experiment or time-space continuum disruption in play here – someone is driving a DeLorean in the Star Wars universe, to reference Dave’s observation – the canonical timeline does not support Todd’s theory.

Aside from the timeline problem which appears to squash Todd’s theory like a herd of banthas trampling a womp rat, the TWHP research team identified additional damming evidence in print. In the novel Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View, contributing author Meg Cabot provides an insider’s view of Beru Whitesun Lars’ joy and dismay she and Owen felt at becoming Luke’s adopted parents, while revealing additional evidence against Todd’s death stick-induced theory:

“It’s not as if I wasn’t expecting it [thought Beru]. The day Ben Kenobi put that little baby in my arms was both the best and worst day of my life. Best because Owen and I couldn’t have a child of our own, and suddenly we did.”

And later…

“I won’t lie to you—I thought about it. Especially right before Luke came along, when Owen and I had just found out we’d never be able to have kids of our own. Our only resort was to start seeing one of those fancy fertility droids in Mos Eisley. It almost didn’t seem worth it, though, when you consider what Mos Eisley was like back in those days.”

The verdict: Sorry Todd. Your theory is bantha fodder.

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