Episode #92: Comic Con 2019 rolled through San Diego like a herd of wild Fathiers and we’ve got all the relevant announcements from Marvel (and a few from Star Wars) in this week’s episode! PLUS we wonder aloud about DAISY RIDLEY’s “mind bending” comment regarding the ending of THE RISE OF SKYWALKER how KEVIN SMITH had the willpower to resist seeing the final set piece for Episode IX. This is our vacation show, with Steve in San Onofre, Niko and Greg under one roof, Dave in his new residence, and Scott flying (Han) solo. Can we pull it off? Could Luke bullseye a womp rat in his T-16 back home?

Mark Hammill at Comic Con with Conan O’Brien

End Game passes Avatar as the #1 box office draw 

James Cameron and Russo Brothers exchange texts

Marvel releases Phase 4 slate at Comic Con

New ship for Episode 9

Final shot of Episode 9 will “melt your mind”

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