Episode #95: Star Wars Episode IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALER takes center stage as we approach the 100 day countdown to the final chapter in the Skywalker saga including Director J.J. ABRAMS addressing angry fans, Lucasfilm’s official synopsis tease of a battle to be named later, and recommended reading to hit before you hit the theaters. PLUS we cover WandaVision’s timeline, Nova’s appearance in End Game, GAME OF THRONES author George R.R. Martin’s writing struggles, an auction you don’t want to miss, “mar” Tweeting about Star Wars, and the canonization of MATT THE RADAR TECHNICIAN.

J.J. Abrams Calls Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker the most challenging thing he’s worked on

J.J. respectfully addresses angry SW fans

Will we see the definitive final battle for good vs. evil to bring balance to the force in TROS? Not according to Lucasfilm

Ten books to read before it lands in theaters 

Rian Johnson’s approach to the next SW trilogy

Disney “altering the deal” for Beinoff and Weiss

Will the Blue Ray of Ep I-IX include the OT release cuts?

Other stuff Marvel’s WandaVision may release sooner than expected

Nova was secretly introduced in Avengers: End Game

GOT author George RR Martin: TV show ending will not impact the books

Michael Keaton’s Batman costume, Samuel L. Jackson’s lightsaber, and more up for aution

“Mar’ @vibeswithcisco live tweets while watching SW for the first time…and it’s epic

Matt the radar technician is cannonhttps://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2019/9/1/20841483/snl-kylo-ren-sketch-star-wars-reference 

Undercover Boss: Matt the Radar Technician on YouTube
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